Update: Data on stolen police laptop was encrypted

Sometimes it pays to wait until you get more information before making any public statement. A police chief in Connecticut was ridiculed widely yesterday after suggesting that a stolen laptop containing a “fair amount of records” would likely be inaccessible because the battery was old and run down.

Today, there’s an updated assessment and statement. As Elizabeth Dinan reports:

“The chance of any release of information from that laptop is about zero,” Tretter said. He added that he was recently assured of the security of the information by the provider of the software used by the Police Department.

Tretter told the Herald that during the course of an investigation into last week’s laptop theft, security measures have been studied, and he’s been advised that the computer is password protected and the data is encrypted to prevent the leak of sensitive information.

“You have to have access to the network, and they could never get on,” he said Friday.

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  1. binde dig - May 8, 2011

    they still don’t have a power cord.

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