Update: Eskenazi patients receive letter in the mail alerting them of cyber security breach 6 months ago

Bianca Reyes has an update on the Eskenazi ransomware incident that this site has been reporting on since August:

Roughly three months after Eskenazi Health released a statement announcing a cyber security breach that compromised personal data, some patients are just now receiving that news in the mail.

According to this release posted last month, Eskenazi Health was notified of a cyber attack “on or about August 4, 2021” that resulted in the personal information of some employees and patients being leaked to cybercriminals. However, the same release claims the breach actually happened three months prior “on or about May 19, 2021.”

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the breach impacted 1,515,918 individuals. However, some of those potentially impacted are just now receiving notification by mail.

Read more on Fox59.

I am glad to see mainstream news following up on breaches and the timeliness and completeness of notifications. Now let’s see questions as to whether Eskenazi had reasonable security that complied with the HIPAA Security Rule. Why was there so much data vulnerable to access and exfiltration? How had their risk assessment evaluated the risk and appropriate measures?  We will not get answers to these questions quickly, but hopefully there will be answers at some point.

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