Update: Former worker accused of stealing companies’ data fined $2,000 and given probation.

There’s an update to a court case that I noted on this site in April, 2015, when Thomas A. Wotring, was arrested and indicted on charges he accessed a protected computer on or about July 11, 2012, without authorization, and obtained information for purposes of commercial advantage and private financial gain. The data were allegedly taken from  SND Holdings LLC of New Mexico and AM Community Net Inc. of Georgia. Wotring had been employed to handle credit card processing for the firms, and upon his termination, had been given severance pay for signing a confidentiality agreement. Shortly thereafter, the firm noticed that their customer transaction databases had been exfiltrated.

Robin Fitzgerald, who did some of the original reporting on the case for the Sun Herald, now reports that Wotring has been fined $2,000 and given two years’ probation for stealing the firms’ databases. The civil suit filed by the two companies in 2012 was dismissed in November, 2012, although the details of the settlement were not available.

So after almost four years, one civil suit, and charges under CFAA, it all resolved to a misdemeanor charge, and a fine with probation.





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