Update: Gay Patient To Sue Hospital, Medical Team Over 'YouTube' Video

Preciosa Dumlao writes for AHN News:

A gay patient from central Philippines is set to file formal charges against doctors and nurses of a hospital who posted over the Internet video-sharing site YouTube, a video of a medical procedure where doctors removed a perfume canister from his rectum.

[…] [The victim’s lawyer, Guiller] Ceniza did not provide details how much damage they are seeking, but the Philippine Department of Health has also called for an investigation into the matter saying the doctors and the nurses violated the victim’s right to privacy and human rights.

The DOH is seeking the recall of the medical licenses of the doctors and nurses involved in the scandal.

The health department early this week released the names of three doctors and two nurses involved in the operation. However, records from the VSMMC showed there were at least 15 medical staff involved.

It will be recalled that a gay victim went to the VSMMC on January 3, 2008 to have a perfume canister removed from his rectum after it was left by a male prostitute he paid on January 1 for sex.

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