UPDATE: Hackers target Guardian jobs site

Jack Schofield of the Guardian provides more detail on a breach previously reported here.

The Guardian has emailed “up to half a million” users of its UK-based Jobs website to tell them that some of their personal data may have been compromised by “a sophisticated and deliberate hack” on Friday night.

A Guardian spokesperson said the site has about 10 million unique users per year, and that “the hack was stopped before it was completed”.


Yesterday , the Guardian put a security notice on its Jobs site, which said: “The supplier who runs the site has identified the manner in which it was hacked and taken steps to prevent a recurrence.”

User accounts were not hacked, so there is no need for site users to change their passwords. The compromised data could include the person’s name, email address, covering letter and CV, but “we have no reason to believe that any financial or bank data was compromised,” said the Guardian’s email. Some of the data was up to two years old.

Read more in the Guardian.

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