(update) JP: MPD admits antiterror data leak

Japan has had a number of embarrassing data breaches involving the Winny file-sharing program. Will this turn out to be another one?

The Metropolitan Police Department on Friday effectively admitted that some of its internal documents on investigations into international terrorism were leaked onto the Internet in late October.


The MPD has been questioning about 380 staffers who worked at its Third Foreign Affairs Division in March 2004 or later and about 20 National Police Agency staffers who exchange information with the division, because information security was insufficient on some of the division’s personal computers.


Because there was not sufficient management of the use of external memory devices on some PCs at the Third Foreign Affairs Division, the MPD has been questioning about 380 of its officers and employees who worked there and checked their private-use personal computers in what it called “an intensive investigation.”

Read more in Daily Yomiuri Online.

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