(Update) Laptop theft from Vavrinek, Trine, Day and Co. reportedly affected 50 banks

Add Mission Bank to what may become a whole list of banks affected when six laptops were stolen from accounting firm Vavrinek, Trine, Day and Co. on or about March 5. Borrego Bank was the first bank we learned about. Now Mission Bank, which reports that it first learned about the theft on April 1, reports that it notified all of its customers. According to a news report by James Chilton of the Kingman Daily Miner, Mission Bank president Darrell Lautaret “noted that the compromised data includes that of roughly 50 other banks. In the month and a half since the burglary, he said none of the banks involved has reported any incidence of related identity theft.”

Even so, one wonders whether data on customers from all approximately 50 banks were left unencryped on the stolen laptops, and if so, what the banks’ agreements with the accounting firm required in terms of security.

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