Update: Lucky urges some customers to close bank accounts as losses mount

Kevin McCallum reports:

Shoppers who used the self-checkout lines at 21 Lucky supermarkets in the Bay Area should cancel their accounts to protect their money, the company that owns the grocery chain announced Monday.

The warning does not yet include Lucky’s Supermarkets in the North Bay, but a store in Petaluma was under investigation as a possible site of theft.

Save Mart Supermarkets, owner of about 70 Lucky markets in Northern California, issued an alert saying it “strongly recommend(s)” that shoppers take the precautionary measure following reports of a security breach at the stores’ ATM/credit card readers.

Read more on Press Democrat.

Usually businesses advise customers to remain alert and monitor their accounts.  For a chain to advise canceling accounts is a bit unusual.  According to the report, “On Monday, the company confirmed that 80 employees and customers so far were victims of thefts or attempted thefts from their accounts. Most occurred over the weekend, Rockwell said.”

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  1. Kim Adams - December 8, 2011

    I think it’s about time something is done about ATM cards. Unfortunately it’s easy enough for anyone to use their own ATM card with a pin. Of course with this article we don’t know all the details. Did they create a card with the same info which would be tied to our acct? Did they walk into a bank and say they lost the ATM/Visa card but have the pin#? If so they would surely have to show ID in any bank regardless? A pin is no longer protection. I can’t tell you how many times I go to any of the grocery storess and as long as you know your pin they RARELY ask to see your ID. Rules needs to change. How can anyone walk into a bank with your information and no driver’s license and take money from your account. Something just does not add up here. All banks should have your photo ID tagged to your account the minute you ask for money. It was not long ago you could buy gas (about 6 months ago) and not enter a pin. Identity theft is not new and measures need to be put in place. NOT EVERYONE LIVES IN A COMPUTER WORLD or has ACCESS to manage their account on a daily basis.

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