Update: More AU cards canceled after breach

Chris Zappone and Jared Lynch provide an update on a breach reported on this blog earlier today:

The Westpac-owned St George Bank is at the centre of one of the nation’s biggest credit card security breaches after financial information was leaked from one of its clients.

The breach has already has forced banks to cancel and reissue more than 10,000 cards this week, while thousands of customers also face the sudden malfunction of their credit cards over the weekend.

The giant fraud will also affect thousands of automatic credit payments such as gym memberships and phone bills.

So far, the Commonwealth Bank has cancelled 8000 cards after detecting suspicious activity linked to an unnamed retailer. Bendigo Bank has also cancelled 2300 cards, while Westpac and St George cancelled and reissued ”a small number of cards” – believed to be fewer than 1000 – as a result of the suspicious activity. ANZ has not reported any cancellations but was monitoring the situation.

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