Update, NZ: ACC privacy breach payout offered

An update to a privacy breach previously noted on this blog:

Compensation offered to victims of a mass privacy breach by ACC will be at the “lower end”, ACC Minister Judith Collins said.

ACC has posted letters to about 250 people whose cases are with ACC’s sensitive claims unit – which holds details of victims of violent and sexual crimes.

The amount offered was believed to be in the low hundreds of dollars and was not being extended to others whose cases were deemed to be less sensitive.

Collins said she had spoken to chief executive about the matter but she could not say how much the total payout bill would be.

“They are obviously free to either accept the offer of compensation or to dispute that and that would then go to the privacy commissioner.”

However, the payouts were at the lower end of the compensation spectrum because it was not detailed information that was released.

“Also there is no suggestion that ACC meant to send that information out.”

Read more on The Dominion Post.

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