Update on Acer India Hack & Data Leak

Early today i reported that acer India has been breached and that a dump of information had been released by Maxney. Since then i have now had a chance to check this 41mb compressed rar file and see if it does hold the said 20,000 accounts. To get right to the point the leaked data does in fact contain well over 15,000 account and client credentials as well as resellers, support company’s and staff information. The file when uncompressed contains two folders names Acer data and Acer Server. In side the Acer Data is a heap fo xls, doc and images files with clients purchasing, invoices and account movement details. The other folder contains the core information from the server that was breach as well as dump in txt format that contains a majority of the breached account credentials. Images of the files: Statistics for the accounts found, all accounts appear to have encrypted data as well as full personal information. Overall there was over 4,000 duplicated accounts in the leak leaving a total of 15,000 client and staff information.  full archive It also appears that acer India has not confirmed or made any announcement on this breach yet but its still early times and most of the administration is probably off enjoying the weekend unaware they are about to have a nightmare week.

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