Update on Alico breach

Insurance firm Alico Japan said Monday the suspected leakage of its customers’ credit card information may have led to about 2,200 cases of credit card fraud, more than twice as many as in its previous announcement.

Kazuyuki Takahashi, representative of the Japanese insurer affiliated with American International Group Inc, told a press conference that credit card information related to up to 130,000 insurance contracts may have been leaked, up from the previously estimated 110,000.


The company initially said information on customers who subscribed to Alico insurance policies between July 2002 and May 2008 had been leaked.

But the company said Monday that information on customers who took out policies before July 2002 and changed their payment method to credit card afterward has also been leaked, bringing the total cases of leakage to 130,000.

Source: Japan Today.

Update 9-11-09: Kyodo News indicates that Alico has issued a report on the incident that the leak of policyholders’ data occurred from the inside and was not due to a hack.

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