Update on Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority ransomware incident

As reported previously, on February 10, Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority became a victim of the DoppelPaymer ransomware operators. SuspectFile had noted that the threat actors were already dumping data less than two weeks later.

Counsel to CMHA recently notified the Maine Attorney General’s office that a total of 189,008 people were impacted by the attack.

Despite diligent efforts, investigators were unable to determine exactly which files had been accessed. And as of today’s date, the threat actors do not appear to have dumped the data they exfiltrated, posting only a few sample files as proof of access.

So while CMHA may have no evidence or indication of misuse, those whose data may have been compromised do need to be vigilant as the data may show up on the dark web at some point — or it may not show up and just be passed around for misuse.


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