Update on Department of Energy hack (updated)

More details are available about the Department of Energy hack that occurred in July. Mathew J. Schwartz reports:

According to an email sent to all DOE employees on Aug. 29, information on 2,532 current employees, 3,172 former employees and seven employees on leave was stolen in the breach, which occurred in July.

At the time, DOE had reported that the hack might have affected 14,000.

According Schwartz, the breach involved an outdated version of ColdFusion.

Read more on InformationWeek.

Update: Schwartz provided a further update today that includes significantly higher figures:

“The department has now identified approximately 53,000 past and current federal employees, including dependents and contractors, whose name, social security number, and date of birth were compromised by this cyber incident,” read a July 2013 Cyber Incident breach notification posted Friday to the DOE’s public-facing website.

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