Update on Lookitsme Breach, Statement and updates

lookitsme-is-updating Last week a hacker using the handle @st0rmyw0rm breached a site named Lookitsme and leaked data from its database. Tonight when looking i noticed that the breached website lookitsme.co.uk was redirecting to an offline.html which had a link to the facebook page of the website. On the page it appears that the administrator has announced on the 30th may that they have had a breach of data. lookitsme-update2 AS you can see they have not been able to "definite proof" that the breach happened. This is a becoming a common comment from sites that are being breached. The Lookitsme site has actually been taken offline while they do a complete system rebuild and move of data to new servers. They also say they will be giving back lost days to certain customers so this breach has had a bit of a collateral damage from a simple SQLi on a small business or website. lookitsme-update2 They also posted a further update on the page on the 1st of June followed by another on the 5th stating they will be "reopening tomorrow". lookitsme-update2 The paste that was posted to pastebin has been removed to and at time of publishing the site was still offline.

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