(update) Ringleader pleads in S.A.’s largest ID theft case

The 2006 theft of 17,000 customers’ credit card receipts from the Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio, Texas resulted in the largest case of ID theft the city has seen, as noted in previous coverage.  A few elements of the case really struck me at the time the case made the news in 2009:  (1) these were paper records that were stolen,  (2) the breach was not discovered until years later, and (3) some of the data were not misused until years after theft.

Now Guillermo Contreras, who has previously covered the case, provides the latest development and some background on the case in a report on MySanAntonio.com

I wonder how many ID theft rings are first uncovered due to (1) traffic stops, (2) drug busts, and (3) investigations of health care fraud. Anyone in law enforcement or with access to national statistics want to offer some data?

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