Update: Sachem school informs students, parents of data breach

An update on the Sachem Central School District breach in New York.  Joan Gralla reports:

Sachem Central School District is informing thousands of students and parents that some of their data were posted online in a security breach that is being investigated by authorities, the superintendent said.

The latest data leak at one of Long Island’s largest districts included a list of 15,000 names of students — apparently from the early 2000s — with school ID numbers and lunch designations.

Also posted was a second list of 12,000 names and school ID numbers, but only about 900 names were not repeats, Superintendent James Nolan said.

And student records for about 360 Sachem High School East graduates from the 2008 year were listed. So was a report on about 130 Sachem High School North students in the 2010 to 2011 year who received “instructional services in an alternative setting,” Nolan said in a statement on the Sachem website.

Newsday has the story behind a paywall. It certainly sounds like an insider breach is suspected, but there’s no hint of whether they suspect a student hacker or an employee.

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