UPDATE: Seller of alleged MobiKwik data deletes all the data and says “Adios!”

The following post by the original poster/seller appeared on the forum where the MobiKwik data — or what was purported to be MobiKwik data — was offered for sale:

Update to Thread About MobiKwik

Major Update:

So, we have received probably 100-150 mails/messages last 24 hours regarding this leak. People praising us for hacking???, people wanting to learn hacking, people asking to block their details from showing in search portal, to lawyers trying to sue company, and as usual security researchers and news reporters asking for more details. We have replied to most people and blocked all the numbers we got in block requests not to show in portal.

All of India is worried about this leak as it is 99 million users and 3.5 million users kyc details. We have very long and deep conversations with some independent security researchers about the consequences if data is leaked or sold and decided we will delete all data from our end as Mobikwik is incompetent in that regard. Sadly they are just digging themselves more and we are not as ruthless as all those news reporters whose only aim is to destroy the company and report anything without thinking about consequences and to destroy the company’s IPO.

Only Mobikwik company and we have the copy of 8.2 tb data. (They will have more anyway). And as of 10 mins back only mobikwik have it. We deleted all data and 2 backups of all of data from all our servers and small copies of data loaded into server which hosted the infamous onion site. I’ve done this deletion myself and no foul play here.

Now all of your data is secure with Mobikwik and no one can misuse it except of course Mobikwik for targeted ads or call which everyone does anyway.

We just don’t want to see a company dig themselves deeper and bury themselves in.

Guess we all learned some useful life lessons during this past couple of days. Adios.

Stats of onion site if you are afraid that someone scraped your data from onion site.

Total page views 60k and non bot api calls 240k and bot api calls ~200k. Images on site – 6k out of 33m .jpeg files while all files in data are 36m. So, all the secondary markets who advertise mobikwik data on telegram and all – take them with a pinch of salt.

All are rough figures as we didn’t collect these before wiping everything.

BTW we also got lotta requests asking to hack Chinese companies. lol. 😂 We currently don’t have resources to do new hacks. But we will dump whatever we already have hacked on Chinese companies just because you all asked. Probably no use for most people. Let’s see.

Mail: [redacted]@[redacted]

Interesting how they suddenly sound somewhat sympathetic to MobiKwik and criticize some researchers and reporters “whose only aim is to destroy the company and report anything without thinking about consequences and to destroy the company’s IPO.”  In a subsequent post they say they didn’t accept any ransom.

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