Update: State Farm employee was selling client data

I’ve previously noted that some state logs (like NYS’s) indicated that State Farm had reported some insider wrongdoing.  Their notification to Maryland, dated June 24,  provides additional details.

According to their letter,  an employee of a Florida State Farm agent was discovered to be selling lists of customer information to a third party.   State Farm did not know the extent of the breach and in a genuine example of erring on the side of caution, decided to notify not only all current clients of the agent, but also former clients and potential clients for whom information would have been on file.   The company also offered those affected free credit monitoring services.

The former employee was not only terminated, but arrested as well.  State Farm reports that law enforcement asked them to delay notification of clients due to the investigation.  There is no indication as to whom the information was being sold or for what purpose.

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