Update: SterlingBackcheck breach impacted 100,000

On August 4, this site reported a stolen laptop containing background checks. The laptop belonged to SterlingBackcheck, and was stolen from an employee’s car.

More details on the numbers are starting to emerge. Today, we learned that the firm updated its report to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s to indicate that 734 New Hampshire residents were impacted.

Significantly, Adam Murphy reports that 100,000 people have been impacted nationwide:

The Salvation Army was recently informed that several employee background checks were compromised including names, social security numbers and dates of birth.

The company responsible is SterlingBackcheck, a company that performs background checks for the Salvation Army. A Sterling representative told CBS46 that someone stole an employee laptop out of a car back in May containing sensitive information.

“As a result of that theft, we as a Salvation Army, had 86 employee applicants on that computer,” Hawks said.

Sterling said the breach impacts 100,000 people nationwide, 6,400 people in Georgia and the Salvation Army said it only impacted 86 of their applicants.

“It was one computer. It wasn’t a server, it was just a computer and whatever was on that laptop. So it seemed like it was contained,” Hawks said.

A source also told CBS46 that the Salvation Army was aware of the breach in late July, but had not taken steps to inform anyone.

Read more on WTOC.

And no, I have no idea why Major Todd Hawks of the Salvation Army would suggest that a breach was “contained” because the data were on a laptop and not a server. Unless they were trying to excuse not notifying people.

SterlingBackcheck continues to maintain that it has no information to suggest that the data, which included Social Security numbers, has been misused.

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  1. Lisa johnson - August 16, 2015

    I was told that employees at Children Hospital of Phila we’re also involved in the breach…They were recently informed

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