Update: Suspect Arrested for Huazhu Hotel’s Over USD50,000 User Data Theft

Xu Wei report:

A hacker who disclosed nearly 500 million pieces of Chinese Huazhu Hotels Group’s user data, including bank accounts and identity cards, has been detained.

The transaction that the suspect who tried to sell the data on the dark net has failed, the Shanghai-based hotel firm said on its website on Sept. 17. The person was offering the large quantity of user information for 8 bitcoins, which would equal over USD50,730 as of today.

The leak involves data from hotel brands including Hanting, CitiGO, Crystal Orange and Ibis, according to a screenshot of the seller’s post. The hacker got some 123 million pieces of user registration data, 130 million pieces of customer identity information, and 240 million check-in records with details of identity cards, bank accounts and mobile phone numbers. The person was also trying to blackmail the hotel chain for money.

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