(update) The number of credit card fraud victims linked to Murphy Oil gas station climbs

WTKR reports that a breach mentioned previously on this blog has claimed more victims:


Moore’s the latest of 42 folks in Suffolk who have been targeted by credit card thieves who used that information to make ATM withdrawals in California. Gates County North Carolina says 20 people have come forward but a credit union there says there are hundreds more.

It seems each one of them filled up at the gas station, used their debit cards and input their pin numbers.

“We have an inordinate amount of victims and the common denominator seems to be that gas station,” says Suffolk City Spokesperson Debbie George.

She says investigators can’t say for sure the fraud happened at the gas station, but she says they cannot ignore the growing number of victims linked to the gas station.

“Police are still working to determine exactly what happened,” says Debbie.

Read more on WTKR.

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