Update to State Bar of Nevada breach

There’s an update to the breach involving the State Bar of Nevada first reported on DataBreaches.net .

Yesterday, the state bar posted a notice on their website on the News section:

The State Bar of Nevada learned that criminals forced their way into a State Bar storage facility and stole some confidential records. The State Bar is working with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in an active police investigation in this incident.

The unauthorized access took place in one storage facility where the State Bar stored historical documents in paper, not electronic, form relating to past bar exam applications. Through a complete inventory of all records the State Bar has determined that the criminals forced their way into one unit. This inventory shows 18 records of individuals were stolen. All those affected by this theft have been contacted.

The State Bar has taken and continues to take all precautions to protect the confidential records held by the State Bar.

We take this crime seriously. It was a crime against the State Bar of Nevada.

For those seeking further information, please contact Dean Gould, Admissions Director or Kimberly Farmer, Executive Director, State Bar of Nevada.

Of course, their notice omits some important information – like the fact that at least one person became a victim of ID theft as a result of the breach. And it doesn’t mention all the types of data in the file and whether full credit card numbers with security codes were stored, although if the data were from 2010 and 2011, the card numbers would likely be expired by now (although yes, I know that many times, the same card number continues with just an updated expiration date).

Nathan Bacas of KLAS-TV in Las Vegas picks up the story here.

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