Update to the EncroChat data breach that exposed the criminal underworld and how a French court’s decision could undo months of police work

Allison Morris reports:

In June, 2020, the criminal underworld was rocked after one short message sent hitmen, drug dealers and extortionists on a scramble to cover their tracks.

The military-grade encrypted communications system EncroChat, used by organised criminals across Europe and the Middle East, had been breached by the French intelligence services.

Read more at Independent.ie.  Sadly, it’s behind a paywall. But perhaps Bill Goodwin’s report on Computer Weekly will help:

France’s Supreme Court has referred a criminal case that relies on evidence from the hacked EncroChat encrypted phone network back to the court of appeal after finding that prosecutors failed to disclose sufficient information about the hacking operation.

The Cour de Cassation in Paris found that French investigators and prosecutors had failed to supply a certificate to authenticate intercepted phone data and messages obtained from EncroChat phones as required by French law. There was also an absence of technical data about the hacking operation, the court found.

Read more at Computer Weekly.

The EncroChat operation had been reported in 2020.

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