(update 2) UT: List of alleged undocumented immigrants sparks state review

More on that strange story out of Utah with a list on 1300 allegedly illegal immigrants that was circulated to the media. Nate Carlisle and Julia Lyon report:

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert wants to know whether any state employees helped create a list of 1,300 people an anonymous group has publicly accused of being undocumented immigrants.

Herbert on Tuesday ordered several state agencies to determine whether computer records were accessed inappropriately to create the detailed list, which arrived by mail Monday at media outlets, law enforcement agencies, and the state House and Senate.

Read more in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Thanks to ITRC for sending me this link.

Update 2: Brock Vergakis of the Associated Press is now reporting:

A spokeswoman for Utah Gov. Gary Herbert says investigators have found evidence that suggests a state database was breached to create a list of 1,300 purported illegal immigrants that has been circulating around the state.

Herbert spokeswoman Angie Welling says the information will likely be turned over to the Utah attorney general’s office by Monday.

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