URGE Information

In recent days there has been fairly big hype coming from within anonymous about a new twitter tool that is under development. Let me start by saying this tool is totally safe, works within all the workings of the API and twitter account usage and does not pose a risk to users or twitter users in any way possible. The tool which is currently on windows in a BETA and rumors of OSX version in the making. So what is URGE? Basically it takes advantage of already popular #hash tags and allows u to tap in to the media stream and saves a whole lot of time from searching, copy paste and clicking. – in basic its another very useful twitter tool to get social media attention to certain subjects which is why this appeals to anonymous so much. With big subjects like Syria, BART and over all cyber security this tool can help reach a whole new audience of viewers to get the word across. Anyways enough with my ramblings here is the tool and a decent run down of how to use it by @motormouthnews Download Here Usage Tutorial Article by YourAnonNews

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