Uriminzokkiri Breach Update, 9001 Accounts leaked and Message Released for #OpNorthKorea

images A few days ago i did an article on an small breach that had claimed a larger breach on Korean Propaganda website named uriminzokkiri. Since the attack and leak the announcement has hit mainstream media and now i have come across a part 2 of this data from the anonymous hacktivist who have released another press release and 3 further files. In the 3 other pastes contains 9001 accounts in the same format as what the preview leak was in the original announcement a few days ago. The press release in the leak is aimed directly at Kim jong-un, United states government and citizens, Korean Government and Citizens and Media who question this hack. ** Release note:**

Because of North Korea’s new threats today we are forced to contact you again. Within this release we also take the chance to set some things straight about our goals, because it seems some web citizens didn’t really get it right. Here we go:

Message to Kim Jong-un

You just went full retarded! Never go full retarded. We feel really sorry for your suffering of TDS (aka "tiny dick syndrome") but be assured, threatening the world with your nukes won’t make it any better at all. If you had finally opened up your country for the real internet, you would have already seen over 9000 ads for products devoted to solve your problem.

Message to Government of USA

What the fuck you guys creating the next kind of Cuba crisis? No one asked you for your bombers and missiles and drones and shit. You don’t fool us again to fight another war for your Zionist masters and your shareholder values. You are not the police of the world. Go home, you are drunk! Anonymous and the actual people, the citizens, are going to manage this the peaceful way.

Message to Governments of North Korea AND of USA

If you’re so much eager to fight each other, lock yourselves in a bunker, deep deep down underground and nuke yourself! So the terrorists of the world will be gone and the more intelligent people – your citizens – will survive without having to fight your wars. THAT’s how Darwin works!

Citizens of North Korea, South Korea, USA, and the world

Don’t allow your governments to separate you. We are all one. We are the people. Our enemies are the dictators and regimes, our goals are freedom and peace and democracy. United as one, divided by zero, we can never be defeated!

Message to Tech blogs and media

We happily noticed you questioned how we could be inside Kwangmyong, the country-wide intranet of N.K., because we think it’s good journalism to doubt and question things. We have a few guys on the ground who managed to bring the real internet into the country using a chain of long distance WiFi repeaters with proprietary frequencies, so they’re not jammed (yet). We also have access to some N.K. phone landlines which are connected to Kwangmyong through dial-ups. Last missing peace of puzzle was to interconnect the two networks, which those guys finally managed to do. We still have many problems with this: – the whole chain of connections is slow and unstable – the devices connected to the phone landlines are rapidly detected and removed by N.K. authorities As soon as the connections are stabilized and optimized, we gonna inject the kittens and porn into their network, because North Korean citizens wanna see lulzy kittehs and and hawt pr0n too. Kudos to the people on the ground, they do a great job trying to bring the real, free, uncensored internet to the citizens of North Korea. Those guys have balls of steel! They literally risk their lifes. But we need more, much more skilled and ballzy men on the ground. Take this as a call to action! "Telecomix" and "WeRebuild" – Where are you? We need you!

As well as this there is another paste that contains links to this release, the first release and 2 pads on riseup which contain links to targets and media based information for those interested in the Op North Korea situation. So some will ask if this is creating more problems than it is solving and my honest thought is it can not really get much more serious and attacks like these could well trigger anger on North korea’s side resulting in some very bad thing happening. Source: pastebin

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