US Airways notifies employees of breach, but why the delay?

On July 18, US Airways sent some of its employees a letter informing them that, due to an error by Automatic Data Processing (ADP), their W-2 information was downloadable online by fellow employees.

US Airways had been made aware of the problem on June 6, but offered no explanation as to why it took them until July 18 to send letters.

Nor is there any explanation as to why ADP took until June 6 to notify US Airways of the breach when the problem had been detected and corrected by May 4.

This appears to be the same breach by ADP that also affected Houston employees and was reported on June 20th on this blog.

I wonder how many other ADP clients have received notice of this breach and how many people were affected, total.  I don’t see anything in their most recent SEC filings about this incident, but I may be looking in the wrong places.

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