US-based plastic surgeon's anger at Dubai identity theft

It’s bad enough when a patient’s identity is stolen for purposes of obtaining medical care. But what about when someone steals a doctor’s identity to practice surgery? Mitya Underwood reports from Dubai:

The plastic surgeon whose identity was stolen by a disgraced doctor has likened the experience to watching “a very bad movie”.

Dr Steven Hopping, a Washington-based surgeon, said the worst part of the ordeal was hearing of the damage Steven Moos had done to his unsuspecting victims.

[…] [Steven] Moos was caught impersonating the respected surgeon and more than 100 patient files were found in his villa, where he operated on the kitchen table. Police and the Dubai Health Authority had launched an undercover operation after they were tipped off that he was operating illegally and trading on Dr Hopping’s name.

Last week, Moos was sentenced to two months in jail.

Read more in The National.

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