US Healthcare institutions are vulnerable to phishing attacks: Survey

CISOMag reports on a recent survey and report, Assessment of Employee Susceptibility to Phishing Attacks at US Health Care Institutions, authored by Dr. William Gordon and colleagues. Not surprisingly, the survey found that the healthcare sector was susceptible to phishing attacks.

How susceptible, you wonder?

William specified that when the researchers sent simulated phishing emails, nearly one in seven of the emails were clicked by employees of healthcare organizations.

The phishing simulations were conducted between August, 2011 and April, 2018.

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From the report on JAMA Network:

The final study sample included 6 anonymized US health care institutions, 95 simulated phishing campaigns, and 2 971 945 emails, 422 062 of which were clicked (14.2%). The median institutional click rates for campaigns ranged from 7.4% (interquartile range [IQR], 5.8%-9.6%) to 30.7% (IQR, 25.2%-34.4%), with an overall median click rate of 16.7% (IQR, 8.3%-24.2%) across all campaigns and institutions. In the regression model, repeated phishing campaigns were associated with decreased odds of clicking on a subsequent phishing email (adjusted OR, 0.511; 95% CI, 0.382-0.685 for 6-10 campaigns; adjusted OR, 0.335; 95% CI, 0.282-0.398 for >10 campaigns).

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