(USCIS) US imagination Services Hacked, Database Leaked by @SwaggSec

@SwaggSec has been around for some time now and they have recently become more active again with hacks and leaks being announced weekly. The latest one appears to be on the US imagination Services  website uscis.gov. The attack seems to have a few parts to it and is also a bit confusing with another hacker coming out claming this is a false hack, but regardless to all that there has been some important/personal information leaked. The leak contains the database for the cart and paypal payments system as well as other stuff like pages, menus and other typical data you will find in a content management system database. The leak has been posted onto pastebin and there appears that there was a defacing done to a related website 2 day ago aswell that featured the above picture before redirecting to twitter. The leaked data was uploaded with a small preview to pastebin and the rest is hosted on the swagsec website.

Hacking Today for an Entertaining Tomorrow. What we got here, is some straight government material. Now, we’re not hatin’ on tha’ US immigrants but the US treatin’ the immigrants. It’s corruption, not as bad anymor’ but it’s still there. They do some of ’em racial profiling that gets us swagg kids in jail ’cause the color of our skin. We tryin’ our best not to let that happen anymore. And when it does, we are there do some much needed destruction. But real reason behind all of this anyways, is to make you all smilin’ everytime you see one a’ our releases. It’s part of our philosophy. For now, this hack is for launchin’ our new site "https://swaggsecurity.com". This hack was a simple hack that was completed three days ago. Even though the root admin, "robert" noticed we hacked his hosting company, he continued to ignore our attempts. And as a result we will be releasing what we hacked and the USCIS.gov SQL server in a text format. For this hack due to being less then 600KB, we have decided instead of a torrent we will be releasing it on our new site, which we proudly present. Here is a sample of usernames of the SQL database, while there is also customer information and green card information.

https://pastebin.com/S6VVpZC8 https://swaggsecurity.com/uscis.txt The claims that this is false data comes from another hacking crew named Digital Corruption @digitalcorrupt and they have posted the below message in a small leak that was also uploaded to paste bin and it also contains a small preview of the data.

Now, we leaked these for two reasons; one of these reasons are that we hate racisim. Another reason is because of a few skids, known as SwaggSecurity; Hey, SwaggSec? I heard you claim to hack systems with old internet explorer vulnerabilities, or was it that you actually buy accounts from people turned whitehat? You have been warned, step down; or get shut down. You have chosen the second one, and like Lulz-Security; you will fall from us.


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