Feb 102019

Zack Whittaker reports:

It’s bad enough that dating sites are a pit of exaggerations and inevitable disappointment, they’re also a hot target for hackers.

Dating sites aren’t considered the goldmine of personal information like banks or hospitals, but they’re still an intimate part of millions of people’s lives and have long been in the sights of hackers. If the hackers aren’t hitting the back-end database like with the AdultFriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Zoosk breaches, the hackers are trying break in through the front door with leaked or guessed passwords.

That’s what appears to be happening with some OkCupid accounts.

A reader contacted TechCrunch after his account was hacked.

Read more on TechCrunch.

  2 Responses to “Users complain of account hacks, but OkCupid denies a data breach”

  1. I have an OKCupid account. To test, I just changed my password and separately my email address. I received a notification that my password had been changed (to my then current email address), but I also received a notification when I changed the email address, and back again. So the article is correct that there’s no two factor authentication, but I was unable to replicate the credential change issue described by some users. I use unique passwords for each site.

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