UT Bank Ghana hacked by SEPO

In Sepo aka @anon_4freedom’s mission to expose Ghana websites another bank has been hacked and had information leaked. The bank is Ghana UT bank which specializing in  Loans, Investments Corporate Banking, International Banking, Commercial Banking. In the leak is a message to the people of Ghana to start asking the governments questions about the lack of security there governments and commercial websites hold.

Another bank of Ghana was hacked today. Just take a look and you’ll see how simple it was. What it means? It means that there is no any kind of security even on paper. People of Ghana, call your bank support and ask them about the security of your accounts, your money. Tell them to stop spending your money. Ask your government where is your economy of Ghana. Ask this 1% how did they spend your money. Go to the streets and demand answers!

Further information: virtualsepo.blogspot.com or pastebin.com/HKYWXJWb

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