UT: Cop fat-fingers speeding citation and discloses another motorist’s SSN and details to the wrong driver

Devon Dolan reports:

Mark Allen said he was recently pulled over for speeding in Heber City. he said the gave the police officer his license and registration information, but when he received his citation, it had someone else’s information on it.

“When I got home, I looked at it and it wasn’t my name,” Allen said. “And then I started looking at it and it had the make, the model and the year of my car, but divulged a girl that lives in Midway.”

Not only was another person’s name on his speeding ticket, but also her social security number, birth date, address and even eye color.

“I had everything I needed to steal her identity,” Allen said.

Read more on KSL to learn how this happened. It sounds like a one-off, but a good opportunity to reinforce training and doublechecking.

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