UT physician group improperly shared patient email addresses

Todd Ackerman reports:

A clinic owned by the physicians organization of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston improperly sent out mass emails containing the email addresses of many of its patients.

UT Physicians’ Davis Clinic sent batches of emails, notification of a doctor leaving the clinic, to patients last week. There were 19 such emails, each of which made visible the email addresses of anywhere from 100 to 300 other people.

In all, 2,800 email addresses were shared. Letters to impacted patients went out Tuesday, UT said in a statement

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C’mon. Nineteen emails each exposing 100-300 email addresses and nobody noticed before it went out? Why was their email configured to even allow so many recipients to any one email? How did the server not pick that up as a possible spam attempt?


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