Utah picked a tech company for its medical cannabis program that has a history of glitches and hacks. But it’s cheap.

That’s a pretty bold headline from the Salt Lake Tribune, isn’t it? Bethany Rodgers reports:

Utah is preparing to strike a deal with a Denver-based software company to build the digital backbone of the state’s emerging medical cannabis program, despite the business’ problems with outages, crashes and hacks in other states.

The vendor, MJ Freeway, rose to the top largely by lowballing the competition — offering its services for less than half the price of the other finalist for Utah’s five-year contract.

Read more on the Salt Lake Tribune, where they review MJ Freeway’s history and track record.

As unhappy as MJ Freeway probably is from that coverage, I think it’s a good thing that we are seeing the media investigating companies getting public contracts to see their track record on protecting personal and sensitive information.

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