Utah’s identity theft protection law comes too late for 11 month old child

A timely reminder that ID theft can have significant medical consequences.

Ronald Mortensen reports:

In March 2010, the Utah state legislature passed SB251 which requires all employers with 15 or more employees to protect children from illegal alien driven, job-related identity theft by using a status verification system such as E-Verify.

SB251 enters into effect on July 1, 2010 which is too late to protect an 11 month old Utah child who is the victim of identity theft.

Monica Zamora Vazquez, 28, an illegal alien, was arrested for using the identity of the child to get a job. She faces charges of identity fraud, theft by deception and possession of a forged writing device. These are felonies.

The 11 month old victim of the crime had been denied taxpayer funded medical assistance to help pay for treatment for heart problems because Ms. Vazquez was earning income under the victim’s Social Security number.

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