VA: Beach man questions security of ACA website

Janet Roach of WVEC reports:

Rich Guillory of Virginia Beach is questioning the security of the Affordable Care Act website,

Guillory signed up for a plan through the website on the marketplace. Just one day later, he started getting phone calls from two Virginia Beach numbers.  The callers were asking if he needed help finding a plan.

At the time, Guillory didn’t have time to talk, but the calls kept coming. He remembers getting seven to eight calls. Finally, he called one of the numbers back and got a surprise.

“A lady answered the call and said ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,'” explains Guillory.

Read more on WVEC.

Coincidence or evidence of someone improperly accessing data submitted to The government would have us believe the former, but this type of news report fuels public fears. And the real question is, are the fears well-grounded?

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