VA: Chesapeake Public Schools notifying employees of theft of their information

S. Cline reports that Chesapeake Public Schools in Virginia is notifying 10,827 employees after an employee’s laptop with unencrypted information was stolen.

The information on the laptop included names, social security numbers and bank account numbers of some past and present employees.

The employees are being offered some protective services.

The media report does not reveal whether any district policies were violated and whether the laptop was stolen was from district premises or from the employee’s car or home, etc.  Nor does it indicate whether the district is revising any policies or taking any disciplinary action as a result of the incident.  Hopefully, the incident will trigger some steps to prevent a recurrence. Parents of students in that district might want to inquire how student data is protected and whether it, too, might be on portable devices that only have password protection.


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