VA: Personnel records from trucking company found in dumpster

Eric Harryman of WAVY reports that eight boxes with thousands of personnel records from Warrior Xpress trucking company were left in a dumpster. The documents included medical records, tax forms, voided checks and copied credit cards.

Warrior Xpress had been bought by Celadon Trucking, who told WAVY, “For those who met our hiring criteria, we retained their personnel files. All other driver personnel files, remained the property of Warrior Xpress.”

That may be, but this is 2009. Who dumped the records in that dumpster? Someone from the now non-existent Warrior Xpress, or someone from Celadon Trucking who just wanted to get rid of unneeded personnel records? The news team either did not find out or did not make that clear in their reporting.

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