VA: Purcellville Sorts Data Breach Stemming from 2017 Botched Investigation

This one may be confusing to follow unless you’ve followed some issues involving this town in the past, but have a go at it anyway.  Patrick Szabo reports:

The Purcellville Town Council held an emergency meeting Saturday afternoon to discuss a “data security incident” related to a flash drive filled with more than 9 gigabytes of personal information that escaped the town’s control two years ago.

Last month, a subcontractor of the town found that thousands of pieces of personal information contained on a flash drive in the possession of former interim town manager Alex Vanegas may have been shared with people outside the government. In response, the firm sent letters to those affected by the breach, but did so on town stationary—a choice that led some recipients to believe the letters were inauthentic. The Town Council also was unaware that the letters were sent out, which prompted the special meeting to sort through the situation.

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