Vagus Cosmetics Patient Database leaked by @KahunaHackz

A Islamabad cosmetic surgery company has been hacked and had a fairly big dump of information leaked onto pastebin. Every day we see more and more data dumps that some times are worthless and other times are full of important information. This leak is quite important because it contains records of surgery, patients names and personal information and other stuff. the dump comes from and has been done by @ KahunaHackz who also left this note in part one of the dumps.

Protip: IF you are unintelligent enough to put your patient records in the sql databases on the same web hosting as your site at the very least secure it so no one steals it…like this

Part 1:  Part 2: Maybe this will soon teach the administrator of this website that they need to sitting back and relaxing and kick up the game and get on top of things ASAP. If you used this website or company then be sure to use CTRL+F for quick search and be sure to forward your complaint to the websites administrators that personal information has been leaked, its about time that they become accountable for the actions. 

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