CORRECTED: Valve not hacked

CORRECTION and UPDATE: SLC Security, who originally claimed that Valve had been owned, has updated their post with the following statement:

FRAUD ALERT: Domain’s (sic) posing as Valve Corp (Russian)

We were contacted by the hosting provider Akamai and advised that the domain in the capture below is actually an imposter out of Russia. Upon researching the information provided the registration information of the associated record below does not match other legitimate Akamai domain registrations so we have taken the following actions to correct this bulletin.

1. Removed the Akamai netblock from our temporary block list
2. Blocked all associated domains related to the fraudulant actors
3. Provided an update on the VD blog

We are glad that we were contacted as this helps us in keeping our information accurate. If you reach out to us as Akamai did we will work with you to confirm, verify or remove information that is in error.

Thank You for assisting us Akamai

Original post below:

SLC Security reports:

This isn’t in the news but we can tell you that Valve is once again owned. We have seen clear evidence, packet captures and information being sold in the underground that are clearly not for public disclosure.


UPDATE: Oh and it’s great that your web servers are now hosting the malware… Maybe they are planning on attacking your customers as well….

Read more on SLC Security. Valve Software did not respond to any email inquiry sent this morning asking them to confirm or deny SLC’s report.

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