Vancouver pot dispensary patient data breach highlights regulatory haze

Dan Fumano reports:

Sensitive patient data supplied to a Vancouver cannabis dispensary has been either mishandled or — according to the shop’s owner — stolen, a situation again highlighting the cloud of confusion over the regulation of retail pot.


A tipster recently contacted Postmedia to say he’d found a computer memory card in a Vancouver alley, containing more than 1,000 photos of people taken inside a west-side dispensary, as well as digital copies of private medical documents. Postmedia has reviewed the contents of the memory card to confirm its contents, but is not identifying the dispensary, because it was not immediately possible to confirm how the disk was obtained. The tipster who provided the disk said he was unsure if it ended up in the alley due to negligence or “some criminal act that led to the memory card being stolen or otherwise taken from the dispensary.”

Read more on The Vancouver Sun.

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