Vanuatu island hit by ransom attack, cripples government

WION reports:

The small archipelago of the South Pacific Ocean, Vanuatu, was attacked by ransomware on 4 November, Friday and stranded the country for over a week. According to civil servants in the government, they noticed that their official emails started bouncing back from government addresses, this was the first sign when they found that something was wrong.

If you want to think of total infrastructure chaos, this seems to qualify:

The ransomware also disabled the websites of the island’s parliament, police, and prime minister’s office; by taking down the intranet and online databases of schools and hospitals, it bring the island nation to a standstill. The country with a population of about 315,000 people, stranded many across several islands to carry out their basic tasks like paying taxes, invoicing bills, and getting licences, and travel visas.

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