Vanuatu ransomware attack claimed by RansomHouse

As previously reported, the South Pacific archipelago Vanuatu announced in early November that they had been hit with a ransomware attack that pretty much stranded the islands. Almost one month later, the islands had not recovered.

On December 24, RansomHouse threat actors added the government of Vanuatu to their leak site, claiming to have locked them on October 6 and exfiltrated 3.2 TB of files. A proof pack includes files  that do appear to be consistent with government files. The evidence pack did not include particularly personal or sensitive files.

RansomHouse lists Vanuatu as a victim and claims to have exxfiltrated 3.2 TB of data.
The threat actors claim they locked files on October 6.

There is no indication as to what the ransom amount might be or whether there have been any negotiations, and DataBreaches could find no update on the government’s web site as of the time of publication.

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