Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research hacked by @SwichSmoke

Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research has become a target and victim of hacking and dataleaks in the latest attack by @SwichSmoke, a Venezuelan hacker group who has teamed up with anonymous to fight corrupt governments and failing security. The reason behind this attack is that the IVIC claims to be a leader in security, clearly not. They have not released the full amount of data they obtained from the servers, as some of it is Vital and may damage their name and cause big trouble. Translated PR, ( yeah its bad, blame google 🙂 ) Original : #! / SwichSmoke DOWNLOAD ***************************************** ***************************************** That is Ivic? The Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC) is an institute of scientific research and postgraduate training in Venezuela founded on February 9, 1959 by decree of the junta, has its origins in the Venezuelan Institute of Neurology and Brain Research ( IVNIC) which he founded in 1955, Dr. Humberto Fernandez Moran. IVIC scientific undertakes research, technological development and training of high-level resources, apart from having reporting functions, advice and facilitation of external services. Marcel Roche Library has recognized in 1996 by UNESCO as "Best Regional Library for Science and Technology." IVIC conducts research in various scientific fields of medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and social sciences, to which it has several centers, support units and research departments. Anthropology Center Center for Biophysics and Biochemistry Structural Biology Center Ecology Center Physics Center Center for Experimental Medicine Center of Microbiology and Cell Biology Chemistry Centre Department of Medicinal Chemistry Department of Scientific Study Engineering Department Department of Mathematics Nuclear Technology Unit Meteorology Unit they say they are pioneers in security and everything is kept safe LOL ************************************************** ****************************************** In Ivic found an extremely sensitive information not published because it would be much hated and with this is enough;) ************************************************** ****************************************** a small minimum amount of information to see all Download

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