Verifying leaks uncovers “fake leaks”

Posted by @Cyber_War_News to Pastebin today:

Today has been interesting, to say the least.

Skipping all the bullshit lets get right to the main stinky shit.
Anonymous twitter user @AnonymousGlobo announced earlier today this:

Now after working with data leaks for years now it became clearly obvious to me that this was fake. why?
because real leaks do not get combined real leaks often have a common format the targets attacked have accounts leaked daily from phishing and other simple methods.

So i tried to call out @AnonymousGlobo after Kevin mitnick had posted and was confused by this leak then reporters for @AFP were trying to contact this “hacker”.

Enough is enough of these fakes leaks and when AnonymousGlobo was asked about this i was told “stop speaking bullshit”… so to make sure i wasn’t speaking bullshit i did the following and broke up the leak, searched and found basically ALL traces of it going back to as far as 2011.

Now who is bullshitting.

ok so the orginal leak from AnonymousGlobo

possible main sources:

your massive leak broken up.

VPN Cyber Ghost Leaks
first seen 2013
funny that the only place these show up is above, that goes for 40+ manually checked codes.

200+ UbiSoft Leaks
first seen 2013
with partial matches here suggesting the leakforums leak was fake to start with.
13k virtual credit cards {VCC}
first seen 2012

Brazzers Leaks
from 2011->

playstation accounts

UFC tv
xbox live

actually comes up as netflix


Great work by Lee (@Cyber_War_News).

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  1. james - December 27, 2014

    JUst so you no guys the ps4 attack was a ddos wich is not very hard to preform

  2. Jack - December 28, 2014

    the anon wannabe twitter users are constantly spamming with junk like this. the media are stupid and will play along. nice work diggin’ up the links.

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