Verizon Double-Take

Chris Vickery writes:

I was surprised to read that the crooks nabbed a MongoDB from Verizon that is being sold on the black market for $100,000. The reason I’m surprised? Well, I discovered a highly similar Verizon breach this last December.

Brian Krebs recently reported on a Verizon data breach here:

I don’t know for sure if the bad guys in the most recent breach actually used an exploit to get the data, but I can tell you that the Verizon MongoDB that I found was completely unprotected by any password or authentication. All you needed in order to access it was a MongoDB client and the IP address.

The big difference is that the one I discovered was then responsibly disclosed to Verizon. However, it took them a month to plug the hole. It never made the news, but now I wish that I had made a bigger deal out of it. Maybe that would have spurred some changes which could have prevented the breach that Krebs wrote about.


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And yes, Chris, you should have let me or Steve Ragan know and we would have covered it.

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