Verizon Phishing Scam Targets Customers Through a Text Message

Some of us were tweeting about this last night on Twitter. But for those who don’t read Twitter, Joseph Henry’s article may be a good alert to read and to share with your family and friends.

The latest Verizon phishing scam was reportedly affecting many subscribers through a malicious text message.


The specific contact, which is 562-666-1159, notifies users that they have already paid the bill for the previous month. Particularly, the exact message says “Verizon Free Msg: Sept bill is paid. Thanks, (first name of the customer)! Here’s a little gift for you.”

Read more on Tech Times.

There are so many phishing attempts and scams these days — like numerous ones on a daily basis involving Amazon — that it is harder to know what might be a legitimate notification and what might not be.

As the article properly advises: when you get a text message, be suspicious. Do NOT click on links until you investigate. Start by checking the phone number — insert it into a google search and see what shows up. Do not give out your personal information in response to the offer of something free or because it’s allegedly needed for delivery until you verify that the message is legitimate.

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